Tranny Panic
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Trouble on The Road

Our stalwart young travelers like Icarus having flown too close to the sun on wax wings have fallen to earth with a resounding thud.They lost their transmission after some 2,000 quick,uneventful miles in their sojourn from Greensboro, North Carolina to the thriving metropolis of Minnedosa, Manitoba,a blossom on the sweet, remote, flat edge of the great Canadian wheat plains.

After some help from the Auto Club and advice from Dads they will soon be on their way again- Alaska bound ($2,800.00 Canadian poorer). When interviewed and asked if morale was still high in spite of the expense and a day and a half delay, the answer was a resounding yes.More later.
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Never fly too close to the sun.
Strip Search at the Border
Apparently the Canadian customs officals felt our travelers were of the suspicious type and were detained for an hour of peeking and probing. A body cavity search was suggested but fortunately the inspectors had just eaten and found the prospect a little daunting.Apparently our heroes had dumped all weapons and contriband before the encounter. Way to go guys.
Of course if you try to hide stuff in your transmission, you might run into problems down the road a piece, but let's not go there.

On the road again...

Having drunk deep of whistling prairie air and Manitoban hospitality, our wayfarers take to the open road once more.

Latest reports of optimism toward reaching Edmonton shortly are not to be taken lightly. With the strong oars of unyielding purpose, aloft on the deep stream of youthful arrogance, unfettered by the shoals of experience they will not be denied their goal. On to Alaska-the last frontier.

Currently just miles from the British Columbia border. Our travelers are awestuck by the overwheming beauty of the majestic Canadian Rockies. They stopped last night to view for the first time in their young lives, the Northern Lights."Dad, the sky was alive with lines of light shooting down to the earth. It was amazing" Pretty cool.

We assume (as optimistic parents only can) that the young men have made it uneventfully to Whitehorse and beyond. Next stop, the Alaskan border. Important safety tip. We are informed by the now seasoned Northern travelers that driving at night in these parts is all the more hazardous because of possible bull moose encounters as one meanders the Alaska Highway. Mental note to install the latest in moose repellent gear on the trip back.

Word is the crossover at the Alaskan border was a total breeze. They chatted it up with the US customs official who empathized with the transmission disaster. I guess they represented less of of threat to national security than they did when entering Canada. Go figure.

They made it to Anchorage!!!

As of last night the lads were in fact just about to Anchorage. The plan was to stay in Anchorage last night and head out for Denali in the AM. Kenneth has to be at the Denali resort before 4:00 to start his job.Richard starts work a couple of days later.
We're proud of their determination. It would have been an incredibly long haul for these old bones. Apparently youth is not entirely wasted on the young.

Denali Would Not Be Denied!!-They Made it!!!

We are happy campers. They arrived safe and sound yesterday afternoon after 8 long days on the road. What fools these mortals be?
They are settled into the supplied accommodations and Kenneth starts work today (as soon as he can get a little direction).Their digs are satisfactory and it looks to be a good place to be.
More later on his adventures in kitchen help. Emeril would be so proud!!! I think I'm getting a little teary-eyed.

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